Team Spotlight - Katie Armstead

Katie is our Business Administrator

Spotlight Update - Katie is Climbing the Earn Extra Ranks


One of the ways we improve the customer service we provide is to keep on developing our knowledgeable team through an on-going training programme. 

This means payments and queries get processed more efficiently, and also ensures we provide you with the best, and most up-to-date, advice.

So it's great news that Katie Armstead, our Business Administrator, who started at Earn Extra in 2011, has successfully completed a part-time business administration apprenticeship.

Also having achieved BTEC and NVQ Level 2 business and administration qualifications, and Level 3 Information and Communication Technology, Katie is now embarking on an ICT Communications apprenticeship with us. 

Read more about Katie below 

When and how did you join the Earn Extra team?
I joined Earn Extra at the start of 2011. My role initially was a part time business administration apprenticeship. Now that I have finished the course, I do the accounts, payroll, expenses, invoicing, setting up new starters and the Irish payslips.

Happily, having completed my apprenticeship successfully I was taken on full time on 9 July 2013.

How does your current role contribute to the success of Earn Extra and what are your main job responsibilities?
At the heart of Earn Extra’s ethos is its renowned customer service and my role makes sure we deliver this – it’s all about scheduling, managing workload and company organisation; one week I work on payroll, the next processing expenses - ensuring these get done on-time and accurately keeps everyone happy!

Describe your typical working day at Earn Extra
Busy. It’s a great environment and you can be sure there’s always a brew on the go!  

What is the one thing Earn Extra customers remember most about you?
Probably my strong Yorkshire accent, a lot of contractors pick up on that.

If you were a kitchen utensil what would it be and why?
A knife because I’m very, very sharp. Everyone who knows me will agree 100%.

Who do you admire, past and present, in the sector in which Earn Extra operates?
My boss Sharon. One day I hope to be as good at payroll as her.

Tell us one thing people may not be aware of about you
I have a lovely, but probably unhealthy, obsession with the England and Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard.

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