Earn Extra Umbrella service

The efficient employment option

As a specialist umbrella and payroll company working in the telecoms, construction, overhead powerlines, utilities and civil engineering sectors – we’re committed to delivering the best outcomes.

The Earn Extra Umbrella service gives contractors a more consistent and secure alternative employment status

We take care of the day-to-day admin so you don't have to.
Contractors employed through our Umbrella service essentially become PAYE employees of Earn Extra, with full statutory employment rights. We deduct all the necessary taxes and tell you how you can benefit from the tax relief available for genuine business expenses that may be incurred.  

What you can expect from Earn Extra

We make your work life simple and straightforward. Earn Extra provides all its contractors with a little extra help.
  • Business expenses processed to maximise your take-home pay
  • Holiday pay
  • Regular on-time payments
  • Late timesheet flexibility
  • Financial references
  • Employment status and benefits
  • Online access 24/7 via the Earn Extra portal
  • Quick and easy registration 

Extra advice and support

When you've registered with us, we'll assess your situation and offer useful information and advice on how you can maximise your take-home pay and the benefits you will receive as an Earn Extra Contractor.

But it doesn't stop there; we are always available to give you more help and support by phone, text and email.

Smooth weekly admin process

Tax and NI are all dealt with every week, without fail and without hassle. Earn Extra retains a small margin of 5% from the income received from your agency. This charge is made to cover administration and service costs.

Online access 24/7 via the Earn Extra portal

The secure E-Portal ensures Earn Extra contractors are able to view personal information easily, complete and submit timesheets and access key documents. Find out more here 

Free text and email pay advice alerts

Before each payment a text message and an e-mailed payslip are sent to keep you informed. Any queries can be resolved within the usual deadlines of close of business on Friday.

Free CHAPS payment

A reliable payment method so you know exactly where you are with your finances.

Employment status and benefits

Once registered with us under the Umbrella Employment service you become an Earn Extra PAYE employee and qualify for statutory employment benefits and more, these include:
  • PAYE tax and NIC taken care of each time you are paid 
  • Pension auto-enrolment, after your third month of employment
  • Covered by Earn Extra's Public and Employers' Liability insurance, Professional Indemnity and Temporary Working Personal Injury insurance policies. 
  • Hassle free contracting - multiple contracts are easily dealt with
  • Help with administration, legislation change and completing forms 
Still not sure that operating under Earn Extra's Umbrella service is the right decision for you? Just talk to one of our knowledgeable team members, and they will help to identify what is best for you. 

Registering is easy

Whether you are a contractor, client company or a recruitment agency, just talk to one of our friendly advisors for easy registration or to find out more: 
Call us on 01484 713147
Email info@earnextra.org.uk 
Click here to use our call back service.

Operating in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland

Earn Extra is experienced in providing services for companies and individuals operating in the Republic of Ireland. 
We are the experienced link between contractors, client companies and recruitment agencies working in the telecoms, construction, overhead powerlines, utilities and civil engineering sectors. Our services are fully-tailored to meet the requirements of the individual contractors, client companies and recruitment agencies operating in these sectors.
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